Chipstix - South Africa

Chipstix trailers

Photo: Twisted potatoes - 40cm skewers sold by Steven in his Chipstix trailer

You find Chipstix trailers all over the country at festivals. We get some enquiries from time to time of people wanting to hire these Chipstix trailers for their own events and functions.

  • 5mm round skewers
  • 400mm chipstix chip on a skewer
  • Chipstix trailer
  • (Phone in advance - please)

  • This Chipstix franchisee knows what to do

    Happy clients eating smaller ChipStix type chips

    Photo: Small skewer twisters sold by Chip King

    Children of all ages love these spiral potatoes.

  • Spices for all taste buds
  • As sold at most festivals
  • Proudly South African

  • These chips on a stick - described in 1 word - "addictive".

    Spiral potato cutters to make chipstix like chips

    Photo: Potato Spiral Cutter - Cut chipstix like potatoes in 5 seconds

    Stainless steel/Aliminium model to cut a spiral potato in 5 seconds.

    Special price in South Africa: only R700 included - 25 samples skewers, postage and insurance. Can you sell 1 bag of potatoes??
    Yes, then you made your investment money back at R10 profit per potato.

  • NO Franchise fees
  • Sold anywhere in the world
  • You can sell your chips where you like
  • Catering Equipment 4 All - click here

  • With 2 year parts replacement guarantee